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Highlights of the 2016 National Championship Game

Whether you were rooting for the Clemson tigers or the Alabama Crimson time, I think you would agree that this National Championship was a close one and definitely one to remember. I’m sure those Alabama fans were absolutely ecstatic—(by the way for all of my Alabama people, if you need someone to clean your beer-stained carpet that developed during your watch party check out ).

The 2016 National Championship was a phenomenal game. Talk about a game that kept you on the edge of your seat! And the game was filled with one response after another. Although the Alabama Crimson tide came out on top, both teams had some value players.

First, let’s talk about Clemson! Clemson’s Quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who was a Heisman Finalist, threw some pretty nice passes and not to mention his impressive running for first downs.. And let’s not forget about their receiver, Hunter Renfrow, who made several nice catches. The entire first quarter was full of responses by each team. Clemson even began the first quarter with an immediate touchdown!

However, with a tied score of 24-24, Alabama shifted the direction of the game with a surprise onside kick. In addition, the tide’s tight end, O.J. Howard led Alabama to victory with three huge plays. And Heisman winner, Derrick Henry, pulled through as usual with three touchdowns himself.

This game was filled with some much anticipation. With both defenses weakening in the second half of the game, one of the teams had to step up to the plate with a different approach. And Alabama was that team. Overall, I think it’s safe to say that the onside kick was the turning point of the game and lead the way to Alabama’s win. Although the game was mostly a battle between the quarterbacks—Deshaun Watson versus Derrick Henry, Alabama managed to capitalize on some of Clemson’s mistakes, including interceptions, dropped balls, and more. As a result, Alabama brought in their fourth national title win in seven years with a final score of 45-40.

Football season was great! And I can’t wait to see what Fall 2016 brings!




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A Championship Game to Remember

How about that championship game?! I’m sure you sports fanatics were up late on Monday night on the edge of your seat. What a great game! I’m sure the atmosphere in the NRG Stadium was unbelievable. The Villanova wildcats managed to beat the University of North Carolina Tar Heels with a final score of 77-74. Talk about breath taking! I know plenty of people who had bet on North Carolina and were nicely surprised by this eventful ending.
With the score tied at 74 with only 4.7 seconds left in the game, Villanova’s Kris Jenkins shot a three-pointer and caused the team to win the championship as the buzzer sounded! Can you imagine how the team felt?! I must say that they deserved to win. Their defense was on point the entire tournament. And although there offense wasn’t top notch during the first half, they came through in the second half.
This game is one that definitely makes history. Villanova had not won a championship game since 1985 when they defeat Georgetown. As a matter of fact, this is only their second title in the history of their program. Oh yes… you already know they celebrated all night. They’re probably still celebrating now!
But’s let’s not forget about UNC. They played well and overcame to make it to the final game. With such a close score, you can tell that the best teams were there. What a great way to end March madness! Whether the team you were rooting for won or not, you must admit that the game was exciting and definitely kept your attention. It’s surely one to remember! Nice job, Wildcats!
Let me know your thoughts on the game. I’m excited to hear. And I’ll talk to you guys on the next post about some more exciting sports news! Take care!

Final Four

Okay, okay, okay… so I know I haven’t posted in a while (since football season to be exact), but I’m back now! So let’s talk about some basketball. The Final Four is quickly approaching. And for those of you who are true basketball fans, you already know what that means. But let me break it down for the people who aren’t quite as knowledgeable about this event.

The final four is the remaining four teams in a basketball tournament. These four teams normally compete in two games that make up the semi-final round. Then, the two who win in those games play in another tournament game to determine the champion team. So the final four that I’m referring to is the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship.

In this year’s Final Four games, which are scheduled for April 2, the Villanova Wildcats with play the Oklahoma Sooners, and the North Carolina Tar Heels will play Syracuse. This is the moment all basketball fans have been waiting for.

When you all prepared your brackets at the beginning of the season, you probably didn’t predict these teams to be the last ones standing. I know this isn’t what I expected. I mean come on… Syracuse?! Who would’ve thought they would have come back and beat Virginia? Virginia was leading by 10 at the half. But I guess you just never know what’s possible.

As March Madness comes to an end, I guess we’ll wait and see what happens in the Final Four games. Do you thing Syracuse will put it out? Who do you think will be the final two to go into last tournament that is scheduled to take place on Monday, April 4? I’m ready to see what the final results are going to be. Stay tuned! I’ll be back to discuss it in my next blog post.

To find out more about the Final Four, visit the NCAA website.

The Panthers Are Headed to the Super Bowl

The Panther’s do it again. Talk about a blowout. The Carolina Panthers defeated the Arizona Cardinals and are headed to the Super Bowl. The Cardinals’ chances of heading to the Super Bowl were put an end during last night’s loss to the Panthers, with a final score of 49-15. Check out the score and stat details on ESPN.

Let’s take a look at the Cardinals’ performance. They committed seven turnovers, and four of them were just in the first quarter. They had three fumbles and an interception. The Cardinals just didn’t seem prepared for the game. The Panthers kept pressure on quarterback Carson Palmer and capitalized on his mistakes as well as cornerback Patrick Peterson’s. While Palmer is partly to blame, he had little to no help from his receivers, who dropped several passes. The team just didn’t seem prepared for the game. And their defense wasn’t up to par either. Honestly, they haven’t been the same since they lost a key player on their defense, Tyrann Mathieu, back in December due to a torn ACL. The defense couldn’t seem to move forward without him.

On the other hand, the Panthers performed well. The Cardinals were only able to get one sack the entire game, and that was only because Cam Newton fell down due to loss of balance. By the end of the game, Wide Receiver Corey Brown and tight end Greg Olsen had 113 yards each, accounting for 226 of Cam’s passing yards. Corey Brown performance was totally unexpected. Cam totaled 335 passing yards! Talk about a phenomenal performance!

I guess the Carolina Panthers are headed to the Super Bowl 50. They will take on the Denver Broncos at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on February 7th. That should be an interesting game to see. Cam has had such a good season… I’m rooting for the Panthers to win it out. We shall see what happens!!


The Unbelievable Carolina Panthers

Let’s talk about some NFL football. The Carolina Panthers have been dominating on the field this season. With a record of 16-1 thus far, they have done a nice job staying on top.

I think the team as a whole is good, but a large amount of their success this season can be attributed to some of their key players. Current quarterback Cam Newton (former Auburn Quarterback) has been a star player with 3837 passing yards and 35 touch downs. He always comes through for the team when they need him in a clutch. Also, on offense, Running Back Jonathan Stewart has accomplished 989 rushing yards with 6 touch downs. Also, Tight End Greg Olsen has had 1104 receiving yards and 7 touch downs.

In addition to the phenomenal performance on offense, defense has come through as well. Linebacker Luke Kuechly has had 118 tackles and 1 sack. Also, Defensive Tackle Kawann Short has had 11 sacks and 55 tackles. And Defensive Back Kurt Cole has managed 7 interceptions with 90 tackles. These players’ top-notch performance has resulted in an amazing season for the Panthers!

After their most recent win over the Seahawks, let’s see how they play against the Cardinals this upcoming Sunday. Will they maintain the winning streak? I believe they can! I just hope they don’t become complacent like they did in the second half of last week’s game.

And what everyone is really waiting for is the Super Bowl. Are the Panthers good enough to win the Super Bowl? I think so… The Panthers are a great team. However, they can’t go into such a huge, high pressure game playing it safe as they’ve done in some of the other games. With their heads on straight, focus, and capitalization on their opponent’s mistakes, they can definitely pull it out.

For more information on the Carolina Panthers, go to ESPN and read all about them.


Hello Sports Fanatics!

Well hello to all my sport lovers! I love all sports, including Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, and much more. Regardless of whether you only like one particular sport or you like them all, you should continue to check out my page. I will constantly post updates on the latest sports news. I follow it all!

As you know, we are currently in Basketball season, and football just came to an end. I’ll get to basketball in another post, but let’s talk about some football while it’s still current. Sadly, this season has come and gone. If you are a southerner like myself, you live for football season. It comes with so much excitement—tailgating, watch parties, attending games, bowl games, national championships! Oh the joy of football.

Now that the season has come to an end, high school players are choosing a college team to play for, and college players are announcing whether they plan to leave for NFL (National Football League) or stick around for another year. With fans from all over and several different conferences, the anticipation is high. We’re all wondering what the next season will bring.

There are so many conferences and divisions. For instance, some of the Division I-A conferences include the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the Big 12, and the Big Ten. There’s just so much to keep up with.

So, we just finished up this football season with the national championship with two very talented teams, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson tigers. Man oh man, what a game! If you watched the game, I think you’ll all agree when I say that this game kept both teams’ fans on the edge of their seats and was one to remember. Check out my next post to hear my thoughts on the game.